A Wisconsin driver with a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is held to a higher standard than those with a regular driver’s license.  The process to obtain a Wisconsin CDL is more aggressive, a WI driver with a CDL must maintain a lower Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), and risk losing their jobs if charged with a Wisconsin drunk driving.  Drivers with a CDL have much more to lose with a Wisconsin DUI.

Legal BAC for Wisconsin Commercial Drivers License

Wisconsin’s legal alcohol limit is .08, but a driver with a WI CDL must maintain a BAC under .04, even when driving a personal vehicle.  Because obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License is a rigorous task, the safety standards of the road are held in higher regard.  A Wisconsin driver with a CDL is held in the same regard when it comes to drunk driving in Wisconsin.

WI DUI Penalties with a CDL

A Wisconsin driver with a CDL will face penalties of drunk driving charges, even if driving a personal car.  These penalties affect not only a regular drivers license, but a CDL as well.  A person with a CDL charged with a WI DUI will have a one year suspension of their driver’s license for a first offense.  A second offense WI DUI results in a disqualification of a CDL for life.  Wisconsin offers an Occupational License as an alternative way to drive while on suspension; however, there is no longer an Occupational CDL.  Even if a WI CDL driver gets an occupational license, they will not be able to operate a commercial vehicle.

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