What Is A Jury Looking For During a Trial

Interviewer:  One other question then is what action juries take into account in a case. What are the things that they’re looking for? What are some of the things that you really want to stress to the jury to make them understand?

Nathan:  Whenever you’re fighting an OWI, you are behind the eight ball.
The media, whether that is social media or the news have really portrayed this as something that we have to crack down on, and I 100 percent agree with that. Attorneys seem to refer to what we now commonly know as the CSI effect.

The CSI effect from TV shows where you have instantaneous evidence, instantaneous proof, video that “this is what happened and this is accurate.” What juries really take into effect is anything visual.

There Are Certain Buzzwords for a Jury

As far as I’ve seen with the cases that I’ve handled, at least, in the last year or so, they want to hear that somebody was impaired. They want to hear that somebody has slurred speech. They want to see them tipping over or having a slurred speech. They want to see their performance on field sobriety testing.

Nathan:  The Ray Rice domestic violence had police reports, they had statements, there’s no indications that Ray Rice lied or did not come forward with what exactly happened in that elevator. However as soon as that video came out, everything amplified significantly.