Your Milwaukee drunk driving lawyer will help you to determine what information you will need to build your defense against the DUI charges, and then will analyze your possible defenses to determine the best possible strategy for you.

One such piece of information is your driving record. Having been convicted of a driving offense, even a minor charge like running a red light or speeding, can lead to points on your record. If you already have many points on your driving record, you might end up losing your driver’s license. In such a case, a plea bargain is a bad idea due to the consequences. Your point count situation will affect how your Milwaukee DUI attorney will negotiate for a possible plea deal, as your Milwaukee DUI attorney will attempt to secure you an offense that does not include an addition to your point count.

Another part of the information essential to your Milwaukee drunk driving attorney’s building of your case is police reports made by the officer who arrested you prior to your arrest. If the arresting officer tended to write the same observations on drunk driving arrest reports regardless of the defendant’s special circumstances, that police officer’s credibility is highly suspect. Even devoid of such an obviously favorable situation, your Milwaukee DUI lawyer can learn a great deal through the careful perusal of the officer’s other police reports. For example, if the officer always asks DUI suspects how much they had slept the night before but did not ask you that same question, it can be argued that the officer’s views of your field sobriety test results were skewed because the officer was not aware of your sleep deprivation.

As with your driving history, your criminal history is also relevant, as is the criminal history of any witnesses. It affects how the judge and the system will view and treat you. In addition, if applicable, exculpatory evidence and any accident reports are important for your Milwaukee DUI attorney to see. In the case of accident reports, an accident reconstructionist’s report can show that the area is one prone to accidents, demonstrating that it was not alcohol intoxication but the area that caused your accident.

There are many kinds of information that do not seem obviously relevant that can make or break your defense against the serious charge of drunk driving. For a free consultation, contact the qualified Milwaukee drunk driving lawyers at Vanden Heuvel & Dineen, S.C.