Interviewer:  Is there anything I could do after being arrested to keep this quiet in the State of Wisconsin whether to re‑plea DO or something else?

Nathan:  If it’s a first offense, there are steps that you can take to keep it hidden or away from the average person who can go online and look you up. However, right now, we are seeing that a lot of newspapers are reporting the DUI or OWI, or drunk driving arrest made in their local areas with you name. If that’s the case, it may already be there, but there are definitely such you can take with a first offense to keep it as hidden as possible.
Interviewer:  I know you’ve touched on this and I guess I have you answer it again, but will my employer find out if I’ve been arrested for DUI or OWI?

Nathan:  That again is a case-specific scenario. Unless your company has policies that indicate that you must report to them immediately that you’ve been charged with or convicted of an OWI, there’s no requirement for you to tell them that you have been charged or convicted of it. But a lot of companies do have policies like that. If that’s the case, then, you’re going to have to report it or risk losing your job.

Keeping Your Job After A DUI

Interviewer:  Will the DUI arrest or OWI arrest in Wisconsin result in loss of employment?

Nathan:  Again, that depends on what type of employment you currently have.
A lot of times, any companies that carry insurance for their employees whether that’s for some type of auto‑insurance, that’s going to have a significant impact, because your insurance rates are going to go through the roof, as well as the companies because you’re now a team to be a serious risk driver.

But like I said, it just depends on each individual type of employment. Obviously, anything state‑related whether you’re a police officer yourself, that will be an issue.
Interviewer:  We lost a little bit of that. This will be…obviously, we’re trying to grade this down into some different categories made. I am going to ask you a couple of things and I know we did cover them, that would mean that I understand.