The Lake Okauchee Tie-up has spread from a few locals tying their boats together for a “neighborhood” party to people coming from all over Wisconsin.  Okauchee Tie-up is an annual event occurring on the last Saturday of July.  The 2013 Lake Okauchee Tie-up is this Saturday, July 27th.  Hook-up the boat, gather your friends and tie-up to the next boat in line…but beware of the Wisconsin BUI!

Penalties of a Wisconsin BUI

A Wisconsin BUI will be issued to boaters operating a watercraft with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) above the legal limit of .08. Each Wisconsin BUI offense includes a fine, with each additional Wisconsin BUI increasing in fines and including jail time.  Boating under the influence does not affect the privileges of operating a motor vehicle; however, offenders must comply with court ordered Alcohol and Other Drugs assessment and provide a Certificate of satisfactory completion of a boating safety course.  If a person has a valid certificate at the time of arrest, that certificate is revoked and a new certificate must be acquired.

Wisconsin BUI Lookout by Law Enforcement

There will be many law enforcement agencies patrolling the lake on the lookout for boaters under the influence of alcohol.  It can be dangerous to operate a boat under the influence of alcohol because there are many obstacles in a lake that are not on the roadways.  For instance, there are no lanes, so direction is constantly changing; there are tubers and water skiers following other boats, etc.  Alcohol slows reaction time making it more difficult to maneuver the watercraft.  After having a few drinks, the attention of the driver lies with what is right in front of them, rather than checking all angles and directions.  Boating safely means paying attention to your speed and direction, as well as the speed and direction of other watercrafts on the lake.

Hire Wisconsin BUI Defense Attorney Nathan J. Dineen

While many boats are stationary during Lake Okauchee Tie-up, boaters must make their way back to shore at the end of the day.  If you are caught and charged for a Wisconsin BUI, contact BUI Defense Attorney Nathan J. Dineen.  He practices 100% Drunk Driving Defense in Wisconsin.  Call 877-384-6800 for a Free Case Review.