Drinking and driving doesn’t just mean you are in a car or truck cruising down the highway.  Blazing the trails on a snow mobile while intoxicated is grounds for a Wisconsin OWI arrest.  The penalties of a Wisconsin OWI on a recreational vehicle differ from a more conventional drunk driving charge (in a car or truck).

Snow Mobile OWI Penalties

The legal blood alcohol concentration limit while driving a car, truck or recreational vehicle is under .08.  Operating a snow mobile under the influence or violating the refusal law results in a fine for a first or second offense OWI.  A third offense or more has consequences of a fine and includes some jail time.  Driving a snow mobile or other recreational vehicle while intoxicated does not affect the privileges of operating a motor vehicle – your driver’s license will not be suspended or revoked.  However, Wisconsin OWI offenders on recreational vehicles will have to comply with court ordered Alcohol and Other Drugs assessment and provide a Certificate of satisfactory completion of recreational vehicle safety course.  A Wisconsin OWI arrest resulting from driving a recreational vehicle revokes a safety course certificate and a new one must be obtained.

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