Should You Ever Submit a Guilty Plea to a DUI

Interviewer: Will you recommend to your client, if they should go to trial compared to, say a plea bargain?

Nathan:  I take a pretty unique stance on this question. I will never tell a client to plead guilty to the offense.

Pleading Guilty is Not Always your Best Option

The way that I work through a case with a client is once we get everything, once we review everything, I sit down with the client and we go over the physical impairment, as well as the breath of the blood test that they took, and give them their likelihood of success at trial.

I do not charge a trial fee up front because people obviously don’t want to pay for a trial that they have a low likelihood of success winning.. When we review the case, we discuss the likelihood of success in percentages. Then, it’s up to the client, but if their job is on the line or they feel like they were wronged and they want to go, then, we go regardless of the likelihood of success.

Helping You Make the Best Choice for Your Situation

It is always  the client’s decision. I will never steer you away from going to trial. The same thing holds true for a plea bargain or taking an offer to resolve your case short of trial. What we do there is essentially say, in my time practicing in this particular county or dealing with this city attorney, this is the offer we normally see, where does your offer fall in line with that?

Whether it’s a good offer or a bad offer, I’ll tell you, and then it should help you make a determination. What’s the best route for you?