Interviewer:  If we go and move on a little bit to drinking and driving, is different times of the year, the month, the week, how that’s policed. Are there any special holidays or any specific times of the year when DUI arrests increase? If so, when are they?

Nathan:  New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, July 4th, those are the big ones. One of the absolute biggest is going to be the day before Thanksgiving. For whatever reason, that is a day when a lot of people return home and want to go out with friends before they celebrate Thanksgiving festivities with their family.

Standard Traffic Stop Compared to a DUI Stop

That’s a big day when enforcement really truly increases. But if you look this on a broad scale, police office enforcement really shifts from normal typical traffic enforcement to OWI investigation as soon as the sun goes down every single day. Speeding, all of a sudden, becomes “why were you speeding, where were you coming from, what bar were you at, have you been drinking?”

Interviewer:  If the time of day alters as far as enforcement, there’s the time of the week do you see police activities step up significantly on the weekends?

Nathan:  Not necessarily. Again, it just goes towards the time of day. There are less cars on the road, officers are much more vigilant, much more…