Interviewer:  Will the DUI arrest become public knowledge?

Nathan:  It depends on how deep you dig into it. To reiterate it with a little more information what I touched before, it depends on who pulls you over and what offense it might be. It all starts with your typical first offense. First offense is a traffic ticket as I indicated earlier.

Depending on who pulls you over, it will become much more readily available to anyone looking for it over the Internet. It comes down to jurisdiction. If you have a county police officer whose jurisdiction is the county court house and they pull you over, you automatically will be on Wisconsin Circuit Court Access.

That is an online tool that any individual with an area connection can use to look up anyone’s case whether that would be a traffic ticket, a crime, which should be a misdemeanor or a felony. That’s four or five clicks away, where you see that being an issue is with employers. That’s what I was referring to when we talked about the decision to take a case to a jury instead of a judge.

First Offense Choices

With the first offense, you have that decision to make. If you are pulled over by a municipality…and it’s most municipalities, some do have jurisdiction in court houses, which put them into seeking up. But all smaller municipalities have their own municipal courts.

With those municipal courts, they do not report their information to the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access Program, which means that it will be much difficult for somebody to find any information regarding your background whether it was OWI or any other traffic ticket related. They would have to do much more extensive background search through the DMD records.