Prescription medication has become a major factor behind the rise in OWI/DUI arrests. “Drugged Driving” is being impaired by medication while driving. Any medication that can cause you to become sleepy or slows your reaction time can increase the risk of causing an accident. Medications can hurt your ability to judge distances and speed. Warning labels on the side of certain prescription bottles are put there to warn against the potential side effects. While it is important to take your medication as directed by your doctor, it is never a good idea to mix your medication with alcohol. Everyone reacts differently to the way their medication effects them. Mixing medications with alcohol can severely enhances the side effects. Having a legal prescription does not protect you from getting arrested for driving under the influence.

“A person may test positive for a drug, but may not have been impaired by that drug at the time of the accident.”– Dr. Guohua Li, Professor of Epidemiology and Director of the Center for Injury Epidemiology and Prevention

Tips to Avoid Drugged Driving

  1. Understand how your medication affects you
  2. Don’t mix prescriptions with Alcohol
  3. Find a sober driver or ride such as Uber or Lyft
  4. Spend the night with a friend

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